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Welcome to Uncle Fill’s!

Hello and welcome to our new online platform. Here you will find details of how we work, our online shop, information about the brands we work with and why we choose to work with them, as well as blog posts about why we feel it necessary for us to exist.

So, how do we work?

Think of us as a retro milkman with the old glass bottles, except we sell more stuff.

We offer a zero-waste refillery whereby you pay £1 deposit per reusable jar, which you can then decant into your own containers and return the jar to us to sterilise in our commercial dishwasher and reuse again and again.

We also collaborate with a number of proactive, ethical brands who’s values are at the forefront of what they do; challenging the status quo, calling bullshit on greenwashing and sharing what we learn about the exploitation and suffering that props up so many of the global brands we all know and love (sorry). With the aim of offering uncompromising alternatives to household and lifestyle goods that would otherwise damage the planet or exploit our fellow humans and animals.

Anything and everything you buy from Uncle Fill’s will be delivered to your door in branded reusable bags. You then save 100% of packaging from anything bought from us in those bags, and the next time you place an order with us, we will collect your bag of packaging. We vow to either reuse or recycle it in partnership with Mannwaste Recycling – our new neighbour in Balthane! We will be totally transparent about every part of this process, and if something isn’t working, we will change it – we feel so strongly that we cannot be afraid to share our mistakes, as that is the only way to truly learn to be better.

Our online shop

Find all things from tinned goods to tampons here. We deliver island-wide just select a delivery day from Monday or Tuesday evenings, or Friday mornings and make sure you leave any special instructions for us at checkout. Free delivery on orders over £40.

We are always looking to expand what we offer, so if you have any suggestions or requests fire them over to us using our Contact Us page, and we will do our best to source an alternative that meets our ethical and quality criteria.

Why do we feel it necessary for us to exist?

We have two major focuses at the moment:

  • The reduction of waste in all its forms.
  • To learn about exploitation and inequality in supply chains and offer uncompromising alternatives to brands that cause, facilitate or allow this.

But the truth is, every time we try to boil this down to a mission statement we absolutely overload our brains. We feel so passionately about so many different issues, we feel like we need to take the time to figure this out properly using blog posts, conversations with our customers and suppliers and looaaadsss of learning.

But fundamentally we believe in using our choices as consumers as a voice – to tell the big brands that we’re not sound with fucking up the planet and causing untold amounts of suffering in the pursuit of profits and excess.