Hey Girls Reusable Period Pad – Day

Make your period more sustainable with Hey Girls best-selling, super comfy and absorbent reusable pads. These signature cloth pads come in a handy wet bag containing 5 pads to see you through your period. Whenever you buy from Hey Girls, they donate. So by buying from Hey Girls today you're helping someone in the UK in need! Made from layers of absorbent bamboo fibres and winged to fit your underwear, their pads are good for the environment and good for you too with no nasty hidden plastics or chemicals. Fabulous, extremely comfortable to wear. Made from 2 layers of micro-fibre bamboo. High performing fabric to prevent leaks. Soft, flexible, comfortable. Washable and quick to dry. Pack of 5 with wet bag. Two sizes available; day or night. Hey Girls fabrics and treatments have been scientifically tested to ensure they comply with global safety standards and requirements. They do not use PFAS, PUL or nanotechnology in our Reusable Pads. They are certificated to Standard100 of OEKO-TEX.

Ingredients: Bamboo


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