Hey Girls Period Panty Liners

Love Hey Girls period pads? Looking for a little bit of extra protection on those light days or just some peace of mind. Hey Girls' super-soft, organic cotton panty liners will make your life that little bit easier!
Made from bamboo and corn starch these panty liners are both absorbent and comfy.
Box of 20 panty liners:
-Super soft top sheet for extra comfort
-Natural Organic Cotton Bamboo and Corn starch sustainable and environmentally friendly
-Chlorine and Dioxin bleach free No hidden nasties
-Wrapped individually for your convenience
-Recyclable cardboard packaging, we love it when you recycle!
Like their best-selling period pads, these pantyliners are made from the same ultra-thin organic cotton and -bamboo and are chlorine and dioxin bleach free. Containing no hidden plastics, their pantyliners are biodegradable, which breaks down in commercial composting within in 6months. Packaged in 100% recyclable cardboard, making these as sustainable as possible for an eco-friendly period.

Low absorbency, can hold 20ml one-two tampons worth of liquid, suitable for light bleeding or discharge.


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