Hey Girls Overnight Period Pads

Box of 8 super soft pads made from ultra thin natural bamboo and corn fibre which makes pads both sustainable and environmentally friendly. These pads are chlorine, dioxin and most importantly #plasticfree. All of the packaging is recyclable too!

Remember - whenever you buy from Hey Girls, they donate. So by buying Hey Girls today you're helping someone in the UK in need! Like their best-selling day pads, these are super-soft and made from bamboo and corn fibre with wings to stay in place overnight. Slightly thicker, but still discreet, these night pads give you peace of mind to ensure a good night's sleep on your period. Chlorine and dioxin bleach free their pads contain no hidden nasties, and unlike many other pads on the market are 100% plastic free.

Box of 8 pads:
-Super soft top sheet, for extra comfort
-Ultra-thin and winged to stay in place
-Natural bamboo and corn fibre, sustainable and environmentally friendly
-Chlorine and Dioxin bleach free ? No hidden nasties
-Wrapped individually for your convenience
-Recyclable cardboard packaging, we love it when you recycle!
Hey Girls products are eco-friendly, sustainable and made with materials that neither harm the environment nor your nether regions.


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